Urinary Symptoms

Urinary Symptoms

Urinary symptoms
Urinary symptoms when diagnosed can lead to fixing incontinence and retention. [more]

Prostate Exam

Urinary symptoms prostate
Prostate symptoms, prostate screening, and a prostate exam contribute to prostate health. [more]

Erectile Dysfunction

Urinary symptoms genitals
Erectile dysfunction or testicular cancer remedies includes penile or testicular implant. [more]

Urinary Symptoms

Urinary symptoms include bladder symptoms, prostate symptoms, testicular cancer symptoms, erectile dysfunction causes and kidney pain. With mild conditions, urinary symptoms may be unnoticeable and not affect your everyday routine such as microscopic hematuria and elevated prostate specific antigen levels. In more severe cases, the symptoms can interrupt your life completely. Severe urinary symptoms include gross hematuria, urinary retention, stress incontinence, testicular pain, and kidney pain. Kidney pain can range from mild to intense. It begins in the kidneys and can travel from the back, flank, and sides of the body, around to the abdomen and down to the groin. Some people may confuse this pain with muscle strain or a pinched nerve, however if the kidney pain is accompanied with other urinary symptoms, such as microscopic hematuria, gross hematuria, or urinary retention it helps in deciding which urological tests need to be performed.

Urinary symptoms can indicate the presence of a urine infection, a neurological disorder, an obstruction in the urinary tract, or malformation of an organ, tissue, or muscle of the urinary system or pelvic region. A urinary tract infection affects about twelve million people in the United States. The presence and spreading of bacteria in the urinary tract are the main bladder infection causes. Symptoms of a urinary tract infection can include frequent urination, painful urination, pus, cloudy urine, or blood in urine in either form microscopic hematuria or gross hematuria. Urinary tract infections include kidney infections.

Urinary symptoms have saved millions of lives every year by getting people to the urology specialists in time to cure life ending diseases and disorders. Urinary symptoms when diagnosed reveal cancer bladder invasion, or a kidney mass that may be renal cell carcinoma. Having the urinary symptoms diagnosed immediately has allowed survival through the quick intervention of urologic surgery for cancer, such as a radical prostatectomy a prostate cancer surgery, prostate cryosurgery, prostate radiation, kidney surgery, penis surgery, and bladder surgery.

Urinary symptoms when followed up by the urologist can stop damage to our organs; correct embarrassing social incidents, bring intimacy back into our lives, correct damage that could bring years of pain, and minimize future medical bills that could disrupt our life. Interventions such as prolapse surgery, kidney stones treatment, and penile surgery such as a penis implant to solve the many impotence causes that can diminish intimacy. Even a simple prostate exam can lead us to solving prostate enlargement urinary frequency with a natural medicine holistic diagnosis and solution.  For those that need an “instant solution” they can cure their urinary frequency with the traditional TURP, TUNA, microwave therapy, green light laser surgery, or the newest iteration to remove excess prostate tissue that blocks urine from leaving the bladder called “the button”.

Symptoms of a kidney infection, for example, are similar to symptoms of a bladder infection or symptoms of prostate infection (prostatitis), and urethral infections (urethritis). Urinary retention, or the inability to empty your bladder completely, can be the result of an obstruction, like a kidney stone, or a neurological condition. Tumors or masses, such as a kidney mass, from certain urological cancers, such as kidney cancer or cancer bladder disease, also have similar urinary symptoms.

Many urinary symptoms are related to each other. For instance, cystitis symptoms will occur from an inflamed bladder, most likely caused by a urinary tract infection. Other bladder symptoms, such as stress incontinence (the involuntary release of urine) can worsen with a urinary tract infection or prostate surgery. A male urinary tract infection can indicate several conditions are present, including an enlarged prostate or a kidney stone.

Urinary symptoms can indicate many urological conditions, thus making a self-diagnosis unreliable. Obtaining a proper diagnosis is essential for treating any urological condition. Our world-class physicians at Urology Specialists have cutting edge diagnostic equipment and experienced laboratory technicians to provide an accurate diagnosis. We will offer the best treatment options for any urological condition you may have.


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Urinary Symptoms
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